The School Community

Sir Thomas Rich's is committed to creating a cohesive community where pupils feel physically and emotionally safe, where communication is open and honest. The School enables all students to access the curriculum through individualised support including our SEND provision. The School monitors and tracks the progress of individuals and group of pupils and intervenes early when under-performance is evident. We celebrate the success of our pupils through a range of activities, for example, merits, commendations and assemblies which recognise diversity and cohesion. We offer an enormous range of extra-curricular activities. Indeed, the promotion of a wide range of activities is one of the School's main aims.

The School has an active Parents' Association which plays its part in the school community. Parents are encouraged to visit school and to communicate their views on a regular basis. Parents are consulted formally every three years via a comprehensive questionnaire about their son / daughter's education.

Parents and the local community are actively encouraged to contribute to school life through attending concerts, productions and watching sports matches, as well as using the school facilities as community groups.

Attached to the School is Sir Thomas Rich’s Bowling Club. Parents and pupils are most welcome to use the bowling green and if interested they should contact the Bowls Club Captain, Mr Davis on 01452 303113, or the Club Secretary, Mr O’Reilly at For more information and further contact details please refer to the Bowls Club website,

The Local Community

The School raises awareness of the local community through curricular activities such as visits to churches and visits to sites of local interest. For example, Year 7 pupils undertake a Founder’s Trail, learning of the history of the School and of Gloucester. We seek to establish strong links with members of the local community. For example, representatives from local businesses and charities visit the School regularly for a range of activities including mock interviews, careers talks and other advice. Our students make a number of study visits to local businesses and work place learning providers. For example, Year 11 students access a week’s work experience, mostly in the local community. We have strong and productive links with a range of agencies such as the Police and with local sports clubs. Our pupils represent teams in the local community, the clubs use our facilities and players from local professional teams present awards at end of term assemblies. We also let our facilities very regularly to a significant number of community groups.

The School promotes citizenship through the ethos of the School, through PSHE and assemblies. Students choose their own local charities for termly fundraising events. As part of our Wednesday afternoon activities programme, sixth form students volunteer at local primary schools, a Special School and the Children’s Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, where they support students with their learning, thus making an invaluable contribution to the local community.

International Communities

International links are of paramount importance to the School. Many departments organise trips abroad to enhance pupils’ learning and introduce an international dimension. e.g. France, Germany, Spain, China, Iceland, Italy, New Zealand and Australia. In addition, the School has developed close relations with a number of schools. The French Department has a successful exchange with the Lycée Jules Supervielle in Oloron-Sainte-Marie near Pau in the South West of France. Students of Spanish enjoy an exchange with I.E.S Infanta Elena and I.E.S Colmenarejo in Galapar near Madrid. The German department has a longstanding exchange with the Otto Hahn Gymnasium in Göttingen. During an exchange visit pupils are able to attend school, enjoy cultural trips and participate in family life. The exchanges are important not only for the improvement of language skills but for the opportunity they afford students to experience and understand another culture and to develop friendships across borders. Although the exchanges typically last one week, they have a lasting impact.

“For me the exchange provided the opportunity for true reflection concerning not just the two weeks that I have spent in personal contact with my French exchange partner, but also on the landscape of our own culture and, in a much broader sense, interpersonal collaboration within any group of human beings”.
-- Former pupil.

The School has a strong link with PMM School, a girls’ secondary school in Jinja, Uganda. The School fundraises on an annual basis to support and sponsor 20 girls through their secondary education. Every year a teacher from Uganda or from STRS visits the partner school to share their experiences and enhance each other’s learning environments. In 2012 and 2014 students from STRS visited Uganda and spent a week at PMM, taking part in lessons and visiting the girls’ homes. This gave students a chance to observe life in an African school and to engage with the girls at the school. The second week of the trip is spent on safari allowing students to observe exotic wildlife in its natural habitat. The trip is designed to give students an insight into life in a developing country and has proven transformational for some students.