Financial Aid

At Sir Thomas Rich’s we are very proud of the quality of learning experience and the extras that we provide to our students to enrich their education. Our success is due to our experienced and committed teachers running activities that benefit from additional resources to inspire and engage young minds. This coupled with the range of extra-curricular opportunities taking place during lunchtimes, after-school and at weekends means our pupils grow into well-rounded young people.

We continue to face significant cost increases, which effectively mean that we have less money in real terms in comparison to previous years’ funding levels. We have already made significant cuts and will have to make even greater savings over the coming years and the severity of the situation is such that the curriculum we offer, and the extra-curricular activities available, are likely to be affected.

Please see our Corporate Partnerships page for our current partners, or if you would like to become one.

Now, more than ever we urge you to consider a regular financial donation, if you have not already done so. We acknowledge that the economic climate is difficult and that we all have to prioritise expenditures. However, unless we can convince alumni, parents, and friends of Sir Thomas Rich’s school to contribute, we will have to make further cuts. With that in mind, we hope you feel able to support us by making a regular donation to the School using the gift aid scheme which provides our largest source of additional income.

If you would like to make a one off donation or set up a direct debit to make a regular contribution, please complete our online form. Alternatively, please contact Vicki Lynn to be sent a gift aid form as we are unable to publish it on our website for security reasons.

We encourage you to read about our current funding projects here which contribute to the School’s Development Fund. Please contact Mrs Vicki Lynn on 01452 338400 or with any questions regarding our development programme.

Sir Thomas Rich’s School Development Fund aims to raise £120,000 to support pupils’ learning in 2017/18.

Parents Association If you are not able to help financially, but are able to give your time, please contact the Parents’ Association via the PA’s Chairman: Thank you in advance for your anticipated support and to those parents and friends who are already contributing generously, we are hugely grateful. This money has and will continue to make a real difference to the education.

Current Projects

Sir Thomas Rich’s School Development Fund aims to raise £120,000 to support pupils’ learning in 2017/18. I hope the needs highlighted, along with your own knowledge and experience, will inspire you to give generously. I promise to use your donation wisely to keep the School at the forefront of education and give our pupils the best possible opportunities.

Supporting and Developing STEM Subjects - £22,000

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are areas that many of our former pupils have chosen in the world of work. These subjects remain a critical part of the curriculum, but have seen declining government funding in recent years. We wish to continue promoting career opportunities in STEM and develop our curriculum by improving the quality of science equipment and upgrading our facilities in the Technology Department. The purchase of a new ‘etch tank’ for manufacturing PCBs and a Sublimation printer and heat press for transferring images onto materials would allow the students to continue with electronics at KS3 and to try out new ways of working with materials and graphic images.

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Music - £16,000

Music is an integral part of life at Sir Thomas Rich’s and we seek to nurture boys’ interests in the subject, no matter what direction that interest lies. We encourage practical music making at every level through many diverse opportunities, such as Brass Ensemble, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Choir and House Music. Academically we aim to deliver a broad-ranging curriculum to support pupils in their musical development. We plan to purchase amplifiers and electric guitars, as well as hiring individual instruments to increase the breadth, scope and appeal of school music making. We also plan to increase Music staffing. To provide this exciting opportunity to as many pupils as possible will cost £16,000.

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Sport - £20,000

Sir Thomas Rich’s has an enviable reputation for excellence in sport. We are committed to encouraging all pupils to participate in sport as well as nurturing the talents of our elite young sportsmen and women. In recent years boys and girls have competed in hockey, netball, badminton, basketball, swimming, cross country, athletics, tennis, table tennis, squash and rugby in which we have a record of achievement at the highest level. In order to ensure that our teams continue to be challenged we play matches and fixtures near and far. Transport to these events costs the School £20,000 a year.

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Modern Foreign Languages - £16,000

The study of French, Spanish, German and Italian is possible at Sir Thomas Rich’s. We are fortunate to have a modern language laboratory which allows pupils to use a wealth of digitised foreign language audio and video material, which we are constantly improving. Conversational practice with a native speaker is also hugely beneficial for those pupils studying languages at GCSE and A Level. Additionally, trips and exchanges are offered at all levels, and students are encouraged to see these as an important and integral part of their learning. Funding is needed to support the purchase of new language laboratory equipment such as headphones for external examinations. Support for pupils whose parents cannot afford the cost of residential trips and exchanges is also needed.

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Books and the Learning Resource Centre - £12,000

The Learning Resources Centre (library) is the heart of the School when it comes to pupils developing independent research and study skills. Such skills are vital to nurturing young people who gain places at top universities and in the future contribute to industry, commerce, research and the wider community. At Rich’s, a commitment to the highest standards of learning and teaching goes hand-in-hand with the pride we take in our traditions and long history. We want to develop pupils’ cultural literacy, deepen their understanding of the past and sharpen their critical awareness of their surroundings. There is always a need to provide new books, whole class academic texts and journal subscriptions, along with research training and support for pupils at every stage of their educational journey.

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Expressive Arts - £14,000

The School is always seeking to expand its appeal and curriculum. Drama builds self-confidence, improves pupils’ ability to speak in public, and develops their interpersonal skills. To further support our budding young actors, many of whom perform in professional companies in Cheltenham, Bristol and beyond, we would like to continue to offer A Level Theatre Studies. This course requires new resources and equipment. Additionally, the Art department is in need of new resources to widen its curriculum offer.

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School Minibus Fund - £20,000

In such a vibrant School where there is so much going on outside the classroom, there is, of course, great pressure on our four existing minibuses, two which will have to be replaced in the future. With increasing pressure on the School’s budget, linked with rising costs and the Government’s austerity measures it is impossible to fund the replacement of minibuses without the aid of external funding. As you well know, we pride ourselves here at Tommy’s on our rich extra-curricular provision including sport, music drama and trips, a lot of which is underpinned by the availability of our own transport.

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