Financial Aid

At Sir Thomas Rich’s we are very proud of the quality of learning experience and the extras that we provide to our students to enrich their education. Our success is due to our experienced and committed teachers running activities that benefit from additional resources to inspire and engage young minds. This coupled with the range of extra-curricular opportunities taking place during lunchtimes, after-school and at weekends means our pupils grow into well-rounded young people.

For this academic year we have faced £400,000 worth of cuts and cost increases, in comparison to previous years’ funding levels. We have already made significant will have to make even greater savings over the coming years and the severity of the situation is such that the curriculum we offer, and the extra-curricular activities available, are likely to be affected. If you would like to see a copy of the presentation that the Headmaster recently gave to parents of pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10 regarding our financial situation please click here.

Now, more than ever we urge you to consider a regular financial donation, if you have not already done so. We acknowledge that the economic climate is difficult and that we all have to prioritise expenditures. However, unless we can convince alumni, parents, and friends of Sir Thomas Rich’s school to contribute, we will have to make even further cuts. With that in mind, we hope you feel able to support us by making a regular donation to the School using the gift aid scheme which provides our largest source of income.

If you would like to make a one off donation or set up a standing order to make a regular contribution, please contact Vicki Lynn to be sent a gift aid form as we are unable to publish it on our website for security reasons. You can also make a one off donation directly online using My Donate here.

We encourage you to read about our current funding projects here which contribute to the School’s Development Fund. Please contact Mrs Vicki Lynn on 01452 338400 or with any questions regarding our development programme.

Sir Thomas Rich’s School Development Fund aims to raise £86,000 to support pupils’ learning in 2016/17.

*The funds we will achieve by the end of this academic year, if current regular donors maintain their existing support.

Parents Association If you are not able to help financially, but are able to give your time, please contact the Parents’ Association via Corinne Goatley, the PA’s Chairman: Thank you in advance for your anticipated support and to those parents and friends who are already contributing generously, we are hugely grateful. This money has and will continue to make a real difference to the education.

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