Priorities for Development - The Long Term Vision

The Character of Sir Thomas Rich's

Sir Thomas Rich’s is committed to preserving its status as a ‘new academy’, enhancing its facilities and appointing the very best staff to support this. We are committed to single sex education in Years 7 to 11 as the best means of fostering academic and personal self-confidence in boys.

We aim to maintain the current healthy demand for places and we will continue to be part of the local authority coordinated admissions procedures. We plan to enhance our relationships with our feeder schools and ensure that Rich’s reputation remains such that personal recommendation more than active PR promotes the school.


Outstanding relationships between learners and teachers are the bedrock of Sir Thomas Rich’s success. We will continue to recruit the very best teachers and support them in their professional development. We will seek to maintain and enhance our reputation for excellence in sports and continue to develop the expressive arts. We aim to maintain the outstanding pastoral care our pupils receive, ensuring they develop tolerance, kindness and leadership.

Sir Thomas Rich's and the Community

Sir Thomas Rich’s recognises the importance of sharing its knowledge and experience with others through local and international partnerships and other forms of collaboration. Sir Thomas Rich’s will seek to build on the link with PMM School in Uganda and we are committed to helping community projects at home and abroad.

Mission Statement

Sir Thomas Rich's aims to develop students with self-discipline and resilience, a passion for learning, enquiring and creative minds and an appreciation of our heritage. Pride in belonging to this Blue Coat school will ensure that pupils profit from the many opportunities they are offered. They will be well prepared to take responsible places in adult life. Our aims are:

The achievement of the highest standards of work

The school encourages and expects students to work to the best of their abilities and to achieve the highest possible academic standards. It offers a broad and balanced, traditional curriculum, which aims to inspire students to develop interests and deepen their knowledge and understanding, commensurate with their abilities.

The achievement of the highest standards of behaviour

We provide a "small school ethos" in which we know our students well, where there is a relaxed and friendly, yet purposeful and disciplined atmosphere. We expect students to show respect for and tolerance of other students, staff and the wider community.

The promotion of a wide range of extra-curricular activities

The school provides, and encourages students to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities in order to offer enhanced opportunities for learning and achievement, to increase the sense of belonging and pride in being a member of Sir Thomas Rich's and to foster good relationships within the school and the community.

The achievement of the highest standards of support and guidance

We aim to excel in our provision of learning opportunities and care so that all pupils are encouraged to have high aspirations and are well supported through excellent academic mentoring and social, moral and spiritual guidance to enable them to achieve their potential.

Key Priorities for 2013-2017

By implementing the specific courses of action under the headings below, we are confident that Sir Thomas Rich’s will continue to succeed. Our ambition is to combine a sense of tradition and a pride in our history, with a progressive and innovative approach, to ensure that we offer the very best educational opportunities to all our students.


Sir Thomas Rich’s prides itself on the achievement of the highest academic standards. We recognise that acquisition of knowledge is a foundation stone in education, but we will place increasing emphasis on pupils developing resilience, checking understanding and encouraging them to think. We aim to:

  • Strengthen examination results, particularly at AS and A2
  • Provide outstanding teaching that inspires pupils to work extremely hard and value academic endeavour.

Supporting and Engaging

It is vital to us that pupils are happy at Sir Thomas Rich’s from the moment they join the school. We will ensure that every pupil receives a level of individual attention, which allows them to benefit from all that the school has to offer. We will:

  • Strengthen support for Oxbridge candidates
  • Enhance Careers guidance
  • Improve communication with parents
  • Refine the procedures, rewards and sanctions which we use with pupils and embed intervention strategies to support under-attaining pupils
  • Develop relationships with our alumni, encouraging them to maintain their interest in the school and to participate in activities and events.

Inspiring and Enriching

Sir Thomas Rich’s aims to provide a multitude of opportunities for success, achievement and enjoyment well beyond the classroom so that pupils can make their mark and be seen as individuals with gifts and talents. We aim to ensure that they are proud to be Richians for the rest of their lives. We will:

  • Maintain and enhance our reputation for excellence in Sports
  • Increase opportunities in Performing Arts
  • Widen our reach through greater liaison with communities at home and abroad.


We are determined that pupils should have access to the latest resources for learning. We will ensure there is continued investment in our site, buildings and facilities. The development of our use of technology to support learning and teaching, ease communication and maximise efficiency will promote pupil progress. Sound financial management and planning will enable strategic investment.