School Development Fund Report - 2017/18

The recent BBC television documentary series ‘School’ has reminded us how challenging it is for us all to balance budgets whilst endeavouring to maintain high standards. Last week, Gloucestershire Local Authority wrote to the Secretary of State for Education requesting a 0.25% transfer from the Schools Block to the High Needs Block. For us, this will mean that we will not be allocated the £4,800 for each pupil in Years 7 – 11 next year; the minimum amount that the Government itself had determined as necessary for a secondary school to be able to operate. We are likely to be allocated around £4,700.

It is against this backdrop that I am particularly proud of the School’s efforts to raise funds in order to mitigate against extreme budget cuts in real terms. The individual and collective support of parents particularly through regular giving, together with alumni and the Parents’ Association, raised over £86,000 this academic year, enabling us to continue to provide an outstanding education for pupils at Rich’s.

If you have not been able to contribute up until this point, but now feel able to make a donation to support the School, you are now able to set up a direct debit online here.

I am grateful to all those who have supported the School financially, volunteered their time and given advice to enable their children to make the most of the opportunities the School offers. Your involvement helps make the School the vibrant community of which I am so proud. A brief summary of what we have been able to achieve thanks to your generosity is below:

  • Science Laboratories: £16,000 – towards the refurbishment of three science labs has enabled students to benefit from classrooms with better lighting, flooring and greater access to gas and electric services. Learning will be enhanced making it easier and safer for key experiments to be undertaken. The Parents’ Association too was able to contribute to some urgently needed equipment.
  • Careers: £13,000 – has been contributed towards careers education, information and guidance, together with enhancing our support for university entrants through profiling and assisting with the UCAS process.
  • Learning Resources Centre (LRC): £2,000 – the LRC received £2,000 for the renewal of subscriptions to The Economist and New Scientist magazines for the next three years. Thanks to the Parents’ Association, the LRC has also been able to provide an eplatform of audio and ebooks for students, which has already had an impact on the reading culture in the School.
  • Modern Foreign Languages: £24,000 – this has enabled the employment of three Language Assistants, providing valuable conversational and examination practice for pupils studying German, French and Spanish.
  • Staff salaries: £10,000 – a contribution towards staff salaries in Drama and Music has enabled us to continue with the annual School productions and House Drama competition, plus we have also been able to maintain A Level Music and continue to provide opportunities for pupils to perform in orchestras, choirs and bands.
  • Sports Coaches: £17,000 – has enabled us to employ additional Coaches to help run practices and undertake fixtures. Our 1st XV finished the season as the highest placed state school in the country for rugby – this cannot be achieved without the efforts of staff throughout the School.
  • Art Department: £4,000 – the Art Department received £4,000 funding to buy additional equipment and to help students work with new techniques and technology. A Gallery area within the Department to help showcase student artwork is now completely up and running. Our Art results are among the highest in the South West.

Many thanks for all you do to support the School

Matthew Morgan,