PSHE and Citizenship at Sir Thomas Rich's School

What is PSHE and Citizenship?

PSHE and Citizenship is taught in dedicated lessons at KS3 and in Year 10 as part of a roundabout with other subjects.
In addition students in Year 11 have off timetable workshops on health matters and study skills.
In Years 12 & 13 further off timetable workshops are scheduled as well as life skills delivered as part of the General Studies curriculum.

PSHE and Citizenship in the Lower School

In Year 7 & 8 students have two sessions of approximately 9 weeks double lessons and in Year 9 one 9 week session. These are delivered by experienced and qualified staff.
The overarching theme to these lessons is about student health and well-being and developing emotionally confident and well informed students.

In Year 7 issues about personal safety, bullying, cyber bullying and internet safety are addressed in the first session. In the second session they look at well being with regard to personal choices and puberty.

In Year 8 they explore elements of risk taking particularly with regard to drug and alcohol abuse and learn basic first aid . In the second session they consider the complex issues of diversity, tolerance and extremism in society. They also have dedicated lessons on personal finance and money management.

In Year 9 students study relationships and sexual health and wellbeing. They explore issues to do with contraception and risks of sexually transmitted diseases. They carry out their own research assignment into HIV and Aids.

PSHE and Citizenship in Year 10

In Year 10 students are taught PSHE and Citizenship in two 7 week sessions of double lessons with a team of experienced and qualified staff. The Citizenship program is delivered as part of a roundabout with two RE sessions and one PE. The PSHE session covers two training lessons on First Aid leading to a "Young First Aider" certificate overseen by St John's Ambulance Brigade. The further five lessons are each taught as part of a roundabout with each member of staff teaching their area of expertise and experience.

The Citizenship sessions cover the law and how our democracy works as well as lessons on taxation, personal finance and student university finance.

In addition to the First Aid training the PSHE sessions cover: Stress and Mental Health, Youth Justice and the Law, Bullying and Homophobia, Teenage Drivers and Relationships and Domestic Violence.

Extra-curricula PSHE and Citizenship

Outside of the PSHE and Citizenship Curriculum there are a number of extra-curricula activities that take place under the umbrella of this subject area.

Last year workshop's were hosted by Cobalt for Year 8 students on smoking and the risks to health and damage to developing countries caused by the tobacco industry.

This year a hard hitting play: "Chelsea's Choice" was presented to Year 8 students by AlterEgo Theatre. This was a play graphically demonstrating the risks posed by internet and grooming of youngsters and was supported by the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children team.

Our Green Team has been successful in pointing the way to reduce our energy bills and carbon footprint and students have participated in National and even International Mock Climate Change conferences to coincide with the International Climate Change conferences in Mexico and more recently Doha.

Other activities have included students taking part in the regional Magistrates Court Mock Trial Competition hosted by the Citizenship Foundation.

Students have also taken part in an internal whole school debate and elections to select a candidate to stand for Youth Parliament elections.