Computing at Sir Thomas Rich's School

At STRS we value the contribution that Information Technology and Computing can provide across all subjects. These days almost all our boys come to us with a solid background in basic IT skills, and many with a level of competence that is much higher. They use IT in their everyday lives, expect to use it within the School and we aim to encourage this whilst teaching the responsibility and security necessary for today’s online world. Our Computing courses set out to develop the skills that our students will need to allow them to code programs and understand how programs work.

Computing Lessons

Dedicated Computing lessons are timetabled in Year 7 and Year 8. In Year 9 Computing is scheduled as part of a ‘roundabout’ of subjects. The syllabus for Year 7 reviews basic IT skills and delves into the workings of computers and networks. We cover programming skills using Scratch and HTML. Year 8 students follow a course designed to further develop and encourage the skills they require for programming computers and will extend their knowledge in HTML, CSS and introduce Javascript. Year 9 students undertake an introduction to more traditional programming using Python.

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Virtual Learning

The school uses Microsoft SharePoint to provide a virtual learning environment which can be accessed both in school and from home. Typically this is used to provide information and support for students as well as past examination papers and other work. This exciting new development is providing our students with more information and support than ever before.

Hardware and Resources

The school network has in excess of 450 workstations. In addition to computers in the school library there are four dedicated computer suites: two are for general use, there is a dedicated Sixth Form area and a specialist languages IT suite. The two general computer rooms are open and available at break times and lunchtimes for students who wish to use them. The STRS network runs up to date software including Windows 7 and Office 2010. The fact that our network runs virtual application servers allows our students to log into the STRS network from home via the Remote Learning program on the School website. This then allows students to effectively use a school computer from home – complete with all the school software (so there’s nothing to buy), and all our safeguards (such as Industry Standard internet filtering).

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