Physical Education at Sir Thomas Rich's School

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What is Physical Education?

Physical Education is about experiencing lots of different physical activities, and enjoyment. It can be used as a means to stay fit and healthy, and can provide people with the opportunity to harness character building traits such as team work, commitment, trust and endeavour. In essence, it is about testing yourself against the sport or discipline. Sport is an excellent way of learning to accept winning and losing.

Key Stage 3

Lower School Physical Education is taught to Key Stage 3. In Year 7 & 8, the pupils will experience Basketball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Tennis and Athletics. In Y9 we also provide Circuit Training and Hockey. In Games afternoons, pupils will cover Rugby, Cross Country, Football, and Cricket. The pupils are encouraged not only to be performers, but also coaches and officials. At the end of each topic, the pupils are assessed and receive a National Curriculum order grade and effort grade. The grades may well fluctuate, depending the pupils sporting prowess in each discipline covered. In Year 7 we also provide a curriculum that lets the pupils experience a different sport every 5 weeks, this is aimed to get the pupils hooked on a sport for life.

Pupils receive a double lesson of P.E. once per week, and also a double lesson of games.


At GCSE level, you will study a plethora of topics, ranging from Diet & Nutrition, Muscles, Bones & Media to Age Related Fitness and The Principles of Training. The course is a 60% / 40% split in favour of practical. It is imperative that you are a confident sportsman, who can compete in at least 2 sports, as well as having the ability to coach and officiate. Pupils receive 2 single periods of theory, and one double of practical, where all the sports will assessed.

Physical Education at A Level

Physical Education course at a glance:
Examination Board: AQA
AS- 60% 'Opportunities for and the Effects of Leading a Healthy and Active Lifestyle'.
Practical- 40% - Perform / Coach / Officiate

A2- 60% 'Optimising Performance and Evaluating Contemporary Issues within Sport'.
Practical- 40% Perform / Coach / Officiate /60 & Written Coursework

Performance & Coursework:
In order to maximise your marks, we strongly advise that you are highly competent in at least one sport, and compete regularly for an outside club or at 1st team level.

A Level Entry Requirements

If a student hasn’t studied Physical Education at GCSE, then a B or above in Biology, or AA in Dual Award Science are prerequisites to study Physical Education at A level.

Life after A Level

There are a plethora of careers linked to studying P.E. and that is why the subject is unique. Over the years, P.E. has helped the following pupils pursue their first choice careers: Edward Grimer – Oxford – Biochemistry; Juliane Courtice – Manchester – Physiotherapy; Mark Creese – Loughborough – Applied Sports Science; Management. Jamie Dingle – Sports Science –Birmingham. Bryn Cresswell – NHS Mental Health. Bethany Walsh- Physiotherapy-Cardiff.

With Britain achieving their best ever Olympics medal tally, UK Sport will want to make sure that they leave a true lasting legacy. To achieve this, Britain needs to encourage the next Jessica Enis, Greg Rutherford or Mo Farah to take up the sport and nurture them into a champion. For this to happen, they need Sports Coaches, Analysts, Organisers, Managers, Sports Doctors & Physiotherapists to name but a few roles. By studying Physical Education here at Sir Thomas Rich’s you could be taking the first steps to assisting the next British Gold Medal winner. What could be better than that?

Student review:
I moved to Sir Thomas Rich’s school from Ribston Hall, and chose P.E. as one of my AS options. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far, the course is both challenging and rewarding, and we cover a plethora of modules from Physiology to the History of sport. I am also able to flourish in my practical aspect of the course, as the teachers are both helpful and knowledgeable across all sports, and the school has great equipment and facilities.