Religious Education at Sir Thomas Rich's School

Head of Department:Mrs Deborah Glover
Other Teachers:

What is Religious Education?

RE Aims to enable students to understand the nature of religious beliefs and practices, and the importance and influence of these in the lives of believers, so that their own personal spiritual development is promoted. Pupils will develop skills to equip them to interpret and evaluate information from a range of different beliefs and traditions, to reflect upon issues of meaning and to communicate their response effectively.

RE is taught both in discrete lesson time and as a key feature of the Roundabout in Year 10.

Religious Education in the Lower School

At Key Stage 3 we follow the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus (updated 2011). The subject is addressed through key philosophical questions that be accessed by all students, whether or not they themselves have a faith perspective. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own experience and evaluate the benefits of religious belief in answering these questions of universal significance.

Topics include:

  • Was Jesus God on earth?
  • Do the Buddha's teachings stand the test of time?
  • Can religions get on well together?
  • What is meant by spirituality and how is it expressed?

In Year 9, student begin on their preparationfor the GCSE Short Course (OCR Syllabus B. B602/B604).

Religious Education at GCSE

At Key Stage 4 students are offered the opportunity to choose Full Course Religious Studies which they study across Y10 & 11, or to complete their studies of the Short Course at the end of Y10.

GCSE Short Course
OCR Syllabus B Philosophy and Ethics Units studied:

  • B602 Religion and Science (Y9)
  • B602 Good and Evil (Y10)
  • B604 Religion, Truth and Justice (Y9)
  • B604 Equality (Y9)

GCSE Full Course
Units as above and also:

  • B601 Belief in a deity
  • B601 Death and the afterlife
  • B603 Medical Ethics
  • B603 Poverty and wealth

Religious Education at A Level

All Sixth Form students take a short course in Philosophy and Ethics at some stage in their studies as part of the General Studies course.

AS Level: Edexcel 8RS01

  • 6RS01 AS Foundations (Philosophy & Ethics)
  • 6RS02 AS Investigations (Pupils select from a choice of topics and conduct independent research)

A2 Level: Edexcel Religious Studies 9RS01

  • 6RS03 Developments Philosophy & Ethics
  • 6RS04 Implications (Option A Philosophy)