Coding Club

"Coding club is a fun club allowing you to do anything to do with coding. I have been to coding club for a while and I have made many games using the available programs. Teachers are there to help you when questions occur. Everyone is welcome!"
-- Year 7 Student
Runs every:
  • Wednesday Lunchtime in C1
Who can attend?
  • All year groups are welcome
  • No previous knowledge necessary

Computer programming is an adaptable skill that all young people should try at least once in their life. Coding club aims to give them the opportunity to try in a fun, friendly environment with their peers and supportive teachers.

We cover all levels of programming:

  • Basic ‘Scratch’ games
  • The Python scripting language
  • Website design with HTML 5 and CSS
  • Javascript
  • Full-blown C# programs

Students taking GCSE computing are encouraged to attend to further their knowledge.

Coding lets students develop and think in a logical and progressive manner, and it goes way beyond writing the ‘next big thing’. You never know when you might be asked to use skills that stem from coding, so come and say hello!