Duke of Edinburgh

Who can attend?
  • Year 10 and above
  • No previous skills or knowledge is required
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The school has had an active Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for a number of years. This is open to boys in Year 10 and above and to girls and boys in the sixth form.

We currently have over 130 students actively completing their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver or Gold Award from Year 10 to Year 13.

Our expeditions are all run ‘in house’ which is unusual compared to the majority of the county. This gives our students the opportunity to complete the expedition section of their Duke of Edinburgh award whilst working with numerous members of staff at STRS outside of the classroom.

Duke of Edinburgh at STRS has a community feel as it is supported by staff from all parts of the school. These staff act as voluntary assessors for the Volunteering, Skills or Physical sections of the award and/or as voluntary supervisors during the expeditions which are held during weekends and school holidays from March through to September.

Due to the sheer interest from the students at STRS, from September 2020 we intend to start direct Silver entry in Year 10 to ensure as many of our students as possible can complete their Silver award by the end of Year 10 rather than at present completing their Silver award in Year 11 around their GCSEs.


As we will no longer be offering Bronze we will ensure that all students are trained to a high level before the Practice and Assessed expeditions. We will be running after school sessions for route planning, camp craft and first aid as well as orienteering practice and navigation days. The students will also be expected to complete their Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections before they complete their Assessed expedition in the Summer term.


The Gold award is currently offered as a PE option on Wednesday afternoons. To ensure our students are competent with navigation they will use this time to complete navigational exercises in urban, rural and wild country prior to their Practice and Assessed expeditions. They will also use this time to route plan, review camp craft knowledge and complete first aid training.