The Jaguar Challenge at Sir Thomas Rich's School

Hosted by:
  • Mr N J Stewart

The Maths in Motion Jaguar Challenge is a challenge involves students working together in small teams, who compete against each other in an effort to win a Grand Prix type race. If you win the race here at Sir Thomas Rich's you represent the school and could go as far as becoming the U.K. Champion.

At the start of May, the races took place to see who would represent the school in the National semi-finals. At Key Stage 3 it was very close but Dan Hart triumphed. In the Key Stage 4 race the race lead changed hands throughout and eventually the tactics of a two stop strategy prevailed for George Jerman. Confident that both cars would challenge the other participants from our South-West region, we were hopeful of making it to the Final at the Jaguar Cars plant in Gaydon. Unfortunately it was not to be this year, but full credit goes to all who pushed hard to win our internal competition.

In the Christmas Fun Race, Sam Earle (9B) won the internal heat on the Magny Cours track, and came a very impressive 6th in his age group in England. Very impressive given it was his first attempt at the challenge.

In the 2012 main competition Filip Ilic was the most consistant and his car made it through to the Key Stage 3 regional finals. However; at Key Stage 4 Alex Raven has made it through to the National finals. He took his team mate Declan Barker along and they finshed 9th in their age group. Not bad considering over 100 boys and girls took part!

This activity involves a wide range of basic mathematical skills, some practical, being used and applied. A full list can be found below:

  • Percentages
  • Multiplication, Division
  • Calculator work (or not!)
  • Decimals, rounding, context
  • Ratios, chance, risk, strategy
  • Angles, measurement, scale
  • Speed, distance, time
  • Maths modelling… what happens if?
  • Engine performance, aerodynamics, gears, suspension
  • Team strategy, working together
  • Interpreting graphs, statistics
  • Data handling
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Functional Maths Skills

Most of all it is great fun!