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(Missed test registration window - 2023 entry)

These are the next stages when you have missed the 30 June test registration deadline.

Please be aware that these dates and timescales may need to change due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We would recommend, at present, that you follow point 1 below, and you will be advised of any other changes as required.
1. From July 2022 onwards

Please check the website of your preferred Gloucestershire Grammar School. There will be information regarding other testing opportunities (and registering your interest in a late test). Please note, parents will still need to check the Schools' websites in January for the final testing details.

Please note that the Late Test is to give your child an opportunity to join the Waiting List for your chosen grammar school(s). Regrettably, they will not be able to be offered a grammar school place on National Allocation Day, due to the timescales involved.
2. October 2022

You will need to complete and return your Common Application Form in October to your Local Authority (Gloucestershire County Council or other, if you live outside Gloucestershire). You can include Grammar Schools on this Common Application Form if you wish. However, your child cannot be considered for a grammar place until they have a test result. Alternatively, you can use your five choices for other schools, and then ask to be considered for a grammar school place during Gloucestershire LA’s waiting list round once your child has their results.

3. Early January 2023

Please check the website of your preferred Gloucestershire Grammar School for more details about how to register your child to sit a Late Test.

4. Mid January 2023

The Online Registration for the Late Test will open. The Online Registration will give you the option to share your child’s test result with other Gloucestershire Grammar Schools you may be considering.

5. Early February 2023

Late Test Day

6. 1 March 2023

Results from the Late Test will be sent to parents

7. Wednesday 1 March 2023

National Allocation Day is on 1 March. Your child will be allocated a secondary school (not a grammar school) based on your preferences on the Common Application Form. At this point, if you live in Gloucestershire, you should also receive details on how to request to be considered during the waiting list round – see point 8 below.

8. After 1 March but BY Wednesday 8 March 2023

You will need to contact the Gloucestershire Local Authority and complete the Waiting List Common Application Form for the Grammar Schools you are considering. This form will be available on the Gloucestershire Local Authority Website. Children who have not met the qualifying standard (i.e. have not passed the test) are unable to join the waiting list.

9. During March 2023

The Local Authority update the waiting list and can add your child to the list, which is held in rank (test result) order and taking into account oversubscription criteria, as detailed in Admission Policies.

10. After Tuesday 28 March 2023

This is the end of the reconsideration process at which point final allocations and refusals are confirmed. If any allocated places are declined, they will be reallocated to children on the waiting list, in rank order. This is when your child may be offered a place.

11. April

If you have not been allocated a place, then you have a legal right to appeal. Appeals are usually heard in May/June. Details of the appeal process can be found on each of the school’s websites after 28 February 2023.

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