School Archives

The word "archive" conjures up perhaps a dimly lit cellar somewhere, full of dusty documents and papers or, in the more up to date idiom, a storage facility housing magnetic tapes, DVDs, CDs and electronic hard storage devices. Whichever, the details/data they hold are effectively buried, out of sight, out of mind, off-line.

For a school that over it's 350 years' standing has grown from humble and charitable foundations into a successful, vibrant and flourishing community, its past lives and times ought not to be totally forgotten.

The collective experiences of the school community are key to the character and defining traditions of that community. The friendships and memories forged by Young Richians during those early school years mould the character of and heavily influence the life choices of those young men and women as they step out into the wider world to take their places in society.

The socially active network of Richian Alumni is helping to support the school and maintains strong active links with the school community.
You can find its Facebook page here: Old Richians Association

For a more relaxed and nostalgic trip down memory lane or perhaps a detailed research into the personalities and events of yesteryear, we have setup up a school archive which will not only be built upon as the school's present becomes its past but is attempting to furnish on-line that documentation and those photographs that have been gathering dust out of sight and out of mind.

Hopefully you will find useful and worthwhile the efforts to collate much of the school's historical record, making it readily available for the interest and benefit of Richians everywhere.

Access the School Archives here: STR Archive Vault