The school is using Microsoft Teams to deliver some online lessons.


You need to install Microsoft Teams on your home pc:
1. Follow this link:
2. Run the installer and when prompted, login with your school email address and normal network password.
3. On the left hand bar, click 'Teams' and then navigate to the class you require, or use the calendar view.
4. If your teacher has scheduled a lesson, you will see a purple bar - click this bar and then 'join' at the correct time.

Navigating Teams

Once installed, and you've logged in, the Teams interface will be shown (see below).

When navigating in Teams, always work from the left hand menu:

  • Timetable
    Shows you your current school timetable. Clicking on a lesson will take you to that class Team (if enabled).
  • Task List
    Shows you any tasks that have been set by your teachers in Teams. This will likely be empty.
  • Activity
    Shows you anything that happened whilst you were away.
  • Assignments
    A different view of any tasks in your Task List. Again, likely to be empty.
  • Teams
    Shows you all the classes that have Teams enabled (see more detail below).
  • Chat
    Allows you to have 1:1 conversations.
  • Calendar
    Shows you any online virtual meetings that your teachers may have setup for you to join. Click the 'Join' button to join a meeting.

Inside a Team

Click 'Teams' and then a class that you are a member of:

This will take you to the following screen:

  1. Takes you back to the classes list
  2. The current class subject and name
  3. The 'channel' list - most classes will only have a 'General' channel. Your teachers may set up additional channels to allow you to discuss different topics.
  4. A conversation
  5. Click the REPLY button to reply to a message - this helps to make conversations easy to follow. If you want to make a new line, press SHIFT+Enter.
  6. If you can't see a conversation, you can start a new one here.