Careers - St.James' Place, Wealth Management

Careers - Year 9 – Financial Awareness and Capability Workshop Day - St. James' Place, Wealth Management

All of the Year 9’s were involved in a workshop day, revolving around raising their awareness of personal finance. We were really lucky to have members of St. James’ Place Wealth Management, based in Cirencester, come to the school to run the day. The students focussed on numerous areas, such as the value of money, personal budgeting, understanding debt and personal aspirations. With record levels of debt in our society, the importance of the day was invaluable in helping our students prepare for the future. The day was another example of how Rich’s is trying to equip our students with essential life skills, ready for the ‘real world’. Many thanks must go to the team from St. James’ Place for their time, effort and incalculable help to our students.