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The Parents' Association organise a rota of parents to provide refreshments at various functions throughout the school year. This involves helping to provide tea & coffee during parents’ consultation evenings, refreshments for visiting sports teams or selling refreshments at school concerts or events.

As a volunteer, you are given the choice of events each term you can volunteer for dates that you can manage. We are looking for more volunteers to join us on the rota. Please support the school by joining the rota, completing the form below to provide us with your contact details or email

Download a copy of the volunteer contact form:

Volunteer Form [PDF]

How does the refreshment rota work?

The Parents’ Association organises the refreshments for various non-sport events as well as every rugby and cricket match involving teams from outside Gloucestershire playing at STRS.

For the sporting fixtures, this involves parents providing savoury snacks and cakes plus squash and tea. I receive a list of the fixtures for each term plus an idea of the time the refreshments are needed and the number of players needing to be fed and then I arrange the rota ensuring this is coordinated. We need more parents to help with this, with the aim that each family only needs to help once per term assuming enough parents offer to help. We use the pavilion kitchen to prepare the food and drink which has facilities for heating food (two ovens, a hob and a microwave) as well as a fridge, water boiler etc so this is all easy to access whilst also being close to the boys playing so that parents can easily pop out to watch their sons whilst also helping. There is also a cupboard in the kitchen for Parents' Association supplies of coffee, tea, sugar, squash, disposable cups etc. The aim is that each person provides food for about 20 players but this varies according to the number of volunteers available. The preferred option is for each parent to provide food and to stay and help with serving and tidying up afterwards but if you can only provide the food, this is ok because the games staff are usually happy to help serve and using disposable plates and cups makes the tidying process easier.

For the non-sporting events, this usually involves making teas/coffees etc in the main school kitchen depending upon the nature of the event. The refreshment coordinator gets a list of events and times and she asks volunteers to contact her with which date works for them and then put the full rota together for each term.

Using Group Chats [PDF]

Sports Refreshments from 2018 [PDF]

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