Pastoral Care

Sir Thomas Rich’s seeks to be a well ordered and caring community providing educational excellence for all pupils and which is underpinned by a pastoral care system that meets the changing needs of pupils as they grow and develop.

We believe that the welfare of each individual is important, because it is when a pupil feels safe and secure in their environment that he can develop all their gifts and talents to the full. We make it a priority through our pastoral system that every pupil will feel known and cared for.

  • We seek to ensure that every pupil will have a smooth passage throughout their education, and will feel very much part of their form, the year group and the whole school.
  • We expect the highest standards of behaviour and courtesy.
  • We seek to encourage self-discipline and an awareness of the positive contribution that a pupil can make to school life and to the community in general.
  • We seek to provide help and guidance for pupils throughout their school career, not least when they face subject-choices for the year ahead.
  • We seek to encourage and establish links with parents through meetings with Form Tutors and with subject staff.
  • We contact parents if we think that there is a serious problem concerning their son.
  • We seek to ensure that the behaviour of the boys and girls in and out of school is reasonable, always showing courtesy to and consideration for other people, respecting all others' individuality without prejudice.
  • We seek to provide a moral framework for pupils' personal development so that they may become courteous and tolerant members of the community. We will not tolerate any form of bullying or anti-social behaviour.

The Pastoral Structure of the School

All pupils are in form groups with a form tutor who looks after their welfare. They take particular interest in the day to day matters that affect the pupils, check their pupil planners, register their attendance and listen to their problems.

Each year group has a Head of Year who is also a teacher in the school and they support their team of form tutors as well as leading and managing the year group. They will help with issues of overall academic performance as well as issues of behaviour and they liaise with parents on a regular basis.

Additional support for the pupils comes from the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (and Assistant SENCo) as we seek to support those on the SEN Register. Outside agencies are used as necessary to help in specific areas.