Year 7 Pastoral Care at Sir Thomas Rich's

Primary School to Secondary School is one of the most significant steps in a young person's journey through education.

Pastoral Staff Contact Details

Head of KS3Mr Rhys
Head of Year 7Mr Jamie
Form Tutor7BMrs Joy
  Mr Ian
 7CMr Alec
 7RMr David
  Mr Tomos Wyn
 7SMrs Charlotte
 7TMiss Kate

From the Head of Year 7

At Sir Thomas Rich’s School, we understand that a pupils transition from Primary School to Secondary School is one of the most significant steps in a young person’s journey through education. We are aware that the transition process is an exciting, but also anxious time for both pupils and parents. At Sir Thomas Rich’s School, we endeavour to make sure the transition is as supportive as possible. Pupil worries are natural and tend to fall into one of two categories. The social worries, Will I make friends? How will the older boys and girls treat me? And the logistical worries, how will I get to school, Will I get lost? What if I find the homework too hard?

Our induction programme tackles these issues immediately, so that very early in a pupils career at Sir Thomas Rich's School they are settled, enjoying school life and succeeding. The programme begins in the May before a pupil joins us when we conduct our Feeder School visits. This past academic year we have visited 116 pupils joining us from 60 primary and junior schools across Gloucestershire and as far as Wiltshire. During our visits we meet with the pupils teacher and the pupils personally to talk through the induction process and get to know the new pupils a little better.

Our new pupils first visit to the school after being offered a place is in late June/early July when with their parents they attend a ‘Saturday induction morning’. During the morning the school outlines its expectations, and pupils meet their Form Tutor and fellow tutees for the first time.

The following week the full induction day takes place. New pupils take part in a taster day, where they have sample lessons, have tours of the school, and meet the older pupils individually. The day allows pupils to see our community and ethos at work.

On joining in September, the initial day-to-day pastoral care is largely provided by the form tutor. A tutor routine is quickly established and pupils are regularly encouraged to discuss their emotions with their peers. The year 7 curriculum is specific to the needs of the year group, so lessons are typically pacey and varied. As quickly as possible, we create an environment where pupils feel safe and comfortable with their surroundings.

As Head of Year 7, I have two clear goals that pupils will achieve during their first year at Sir Thomas Rich's School:

  1. That all pupils succeed academically and truly maximise their potential.
  2. That all pupils love being part of the Sir Thomas Rich community and really embrace the ethos of our school.

Year 7 Trips

Through the course of the year, there are three specific Year 7 trips:

During the first couple of months at Sir Thomas Rich’s School pupils go on a two night residential in Stratford upon Avon. Pupils do a number of varied activities such as swimming, open top bus tours, a visit to a butterfly farm, and crazy golf. The aim of the trip is for pupils to spend time with their new classmates outside the rigours of a timetabled school day.

The second trip and the main Year 7 trip is to the Lake District. Pupils go to Lake Windermere on a five-night residential multi activity trip. The aim during this trip is that boys mix and create a true identity for the year group.

The final trip in June is a nights camping to celebrate the year.