Year 8 Pastoral Care at Sir Thomas Rich's

We believe organisation is one of the most fundamental skills required to aid progress in Year 8

Pastoral Staff Contact Details

Head of KS3Mr Rhys
Head of Year 8Mr Zak
Form Tutor8BMiss Lauren
 8CMrs Michelle
  Mr Peter
 8RMiss Claire
 8SMr Andrew
 8TMiss Emily

From the Head of Year 8

The Year 8 tutor team aim to build on the solid foundations and good practice adopted by the Year 7 pupils during their first year at STRS. Tutors will encourage daily use of the homework diary and offer advice on how to organise time effectively to meet deadlines. We believe organisation is one of the most fundamental skills required to aid progress in Year 8. Tutors will carefully monitor use of the diary and we encourage parents to sign these on a weekly basis. Homework club runs every night and a pupil may be asked to attend by his subject teacher if a deadline has been missed (a text system is used within school so that parents are aware if homework has not been handed in).

We are also keen to develop the study skills of all Year 8 pupils and form tutors will run sessions on how to learn for termly tests and prepare for examinations. All Year 8 pupils will have a day off timetable to attend a study skills day provided by a company called ‘Learning Performance’ in January. The feedback from the year group at the end of the day is always very positive and the boys will have booklets to take home to remind them of the different revision strategies they have covered.

Parental involvement is welcomed and there are opportunities throughout the year for parents to give feedback to either form tutors or the Head of Year. These include the parent’s evening and a ‘comments’ section in the homework diary, which we encourage parents and form tutors to sign on a weekly basis.

Further to this, form tutors and the Head of Year are happy to receive any communication at any time from parents and contact details are provided at the top of the page.