Choosing your A Level Subjects

Choosing your A Level subjects can be difficult for a number of reasons. Essentially, everyone is different and will need different advice. However, if you follow the guidance listed below, you should be able to judge which subjects will be the best ones for you.

  1. Don’t necessarily pick the subject(s) you simply achieve the highest grade in at GCSE Level.
  2. Pick the subjects that you have a genuine interest in (this interest will be more useful to you over the two year A Level course than having a high grade at GCSE in a subject you don’t particularly enjoy).
  3. Be clear about what the A Level course involves – use our prospectus to guide you. Here you will find the examination boards for each subject – use their websites to read through the course specification:
    1. Do you like the look of what you will be studying?
    2. Will your academic profile / abilities help you to achieve highly in the subject?
  4. If you have a degree or career aspiration in mind already, make sure you choose the subject(s) that are required by that degree course, whilst also carefully considering point 3 above.
  5. If you are still struggling to choose – please do ask us. The Sixth Form team will be available to help with queries you have about subject choices before the start of September, and we can put you in contact with our Heads of Department too.
Degree CourseSubject(s) normally required
ArchitectureMaths (some), Art portfolio (most)
BiologyBiology, Chemistry or Maths or Physics
Business StudiesMaths (some)
ChemistryChemistry, (Maths or Physics*)
ClassicsLatin (some), Classical Civilisation (some)
Classical CivilisationNone
Computing & ITMaths (some)
DentistryChemistry, (two of Maths/Biology/ Physics*)
Engineering (Chem.)Maths, (Physics, Chemistry*)
Engineering (others)Maths, (Physics, Further Maths*)
French – LanguagesFrench, (Geography or Spanish*)
GeologyMaths, Physics (or two sciences*)
Land ManagementMaths (few), Geography preferred
Materials ScienceMaths, (Physics, Chemistry*)
MedicineChemistry, (Biology, Physics or Maths*)
Oriental Languages1 Class. or Modern Foreign Language
PharmacyChemistry, (Biology, Physics or Maths*)
PhilosophyMaths (few)
PhysicsPhysics, (Maths*)
PhysiotherapyBiology, (Chemistry*)
PsychologyTwo sciences (few). Maths an advantage
Vet. ScienceChemistry, (Biology, Physics or Maths*)