National Leaders of Governance Advocates

National Leaders of Governance (NLG) Advocates are experienced Chairs of Governors who are committed to supporting, advising and sharing their expertise with Governors at schools throughout the region.

NLG Advocates share a belief in the crucial role that effective Governance plays in securing the best for every pupil, and a determination to build on good practice and raise the standard of Governance in South West schools. Advocates can provide free support, coaching and mentoring - either in relation to a specific issue, or on an ongoing basis. This may be especially helpful if you are new to a chair’s role. Advocates can also undertake external reviews of Governance (this may incur a cost).

If you are a School Governor and would like to work with an NLG Advocate, please contact us by email on and we will be happy to put you in touch with your local Advocate.

For more information on NLGs, see the Government website at: