Email Access

Pupil Emails

Login to Outlook

Pupils at STRS are given an email address ( when they join STRS, for communicating with staff and their peers in a safe, secure environment.

Access is automatic when logging on to Remote Access, or via a computer in School.
To login from home, click the button above or add your account to your email program (or your phone) with the settings below.

Staff Emails

Login to Exchange

Staff - click the button above to see your emails. You will need to enter your school username and password (not your entire email address) to login.

Pupil Email Settings

Pupils can set up their email account on a suitable email client such as Outlook or Windows Mail, or on their phone using the following settings:

Email Type: Exchange / Office365
Email Address:
Server Address:

In Year 7 and 8, by default, sending and receiving emails to or from addresses outside of STRS is blocked.
In Year 9 and above, the opposite is true - external communication is allowed.
For all pupils, except those in the Sixth Form, Parents can override this behaviour by logging into their Parent Gateway account and choosing ‘ICT Details’ from the menu.

Staff Email Settings

You can setup your email on your phone, details are below: (you may not need all the fields, just pick the relevant ones)

Server Type: Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync / Manual
Server Address:
Email Address:
Username: yourusername
Domain: STRS
Require SSL: Yes
Accept all SSL certificates: No / unticked

For step-by-step instructions, click here.

If you need any assistance, bring your phone to the ICT office and we'll perform the setup for you.