Broad, balanced and rich curriculum


Find out more about each subject offered, including topics covered in Key Stages 3-5, links to examination board specifications and A Level entry requirements.

Learn more about Art


Art students at Sir Thomas Rich’s explore concepts and techniques in a creative environment, while working within a structured framework of teaching and learning. Pupils …

Learn more about Biology


Guided by dedicated teachers who are experts in their subject, Biology students at Rich’s develop high levels of core knowledge and understanding, analysing and evaluating …

Learn more about Business Studies

Business Studies

A dynamic and challenging subject, GCSE and A Level Business Studies pupils develop core knowledge and understanding of business strategy, marketing, finance and HR. Students …

Learn more about Chemistry


Chemistry is one of the most popular subjects at Sir Thomas Rich’s, and the School has a long record of excellent results in the subject …

Learn more about Computing
Pupil looking at a computer screen in a Computing lesson


Our expert teachers guide students through an ambitious and challenging Computing curriculum, encouraging critical thinking and independent working. Pupils develop strong problem-solving skills and are …

Learn more about Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Design and Technology students develop a broad range of subject knowledge, drawing on mathematics, science, art, computing and engineering to design and make products intended …

Learn more about Drama


Drama is a creative, dynamic and expressive subject at Sir Thomas Rich’s, rooted in academic inquiry and striving to push the boundaries of established orthodoxies. …

Learn more about Economics
Two Sixth Form students studying


Teachers in the Economics Department are subject experts, focusing on developing learners’ intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills. Students are provided with high levels of …

Learn more about English


The English Department nurtures resilient, independent learners who think for themselves, challenge ideas and take risks.

Learn more about French


The French Department nurtures assured, independent linguists with a deep understanding of French culture and the skills to communicate clearly and confidently in another language.

Learn more about Geography


Students find that the study of Geography develops their ability to express themselves effectively in writing, helps them to understand and express statistical information, and …

Learn more about German


Department teachers are dedicated to making learning German a stimulating and intellectually challenging cultural and linguistic experience for all students. The subject is introduced in …

Learn more about History


Our specialist History teachers aim to develop the intellectual curiosity of students, nurturing a spirit of independent inquiry and building core knowledge and understanding.

Learn more about Maths
Teacher at whiteboard writing equations with pupils watching.


The Mathematics Department inspires pupils to think creatively and independently, fostering an enthusiasm for Mathematics and setting the foundation stones for success at GCSE, A …

Learn more about Music


Music is both a practical and academic subject and remains part of a broad and balanced Key Stage 3 curriculum at Sir Thomas Rich's, as …

Learn more about PE & Games

PE & Games

Students have separate PE and Games lessons, and can choose to study PE as an academic discipline from Key Stage 4. In PE lessons, students …

Learn more about Philosophy & Theology
Pupil working at a desk, writing in an exercise book

Philosophy & Theology

Philosophy and Theology explores some of the most important debates and ideas from throughout history. Our expert teachers develop learners' abilities to reason, argue and …

Learn more about Physics


At its core, the study of Physics seeks to empower individuals with the ability to make informed predictions about the world around them, enabling a …

Learn more about Politics


The study of Politics forms an exciting intellectual challenge, with learners developing skills in debate, discussion and argument. Pupils are encourage to ask questions and …

Learn more about PSHE


PSHE – Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education – is fundamental to the growth and progression of young people in this fast-paced world. PSHE covers many …

Learn more about Psychology


A Level Psychology is a popular subject in our Sixth Form, with a high number of Year 12 pupils choosing to study it every year. …

Learn more about Spanish


Spanish is taught in the MFL Department at Sir Thomas Rich's, alongside French and German. The official language in 21 countries, Spanish is the third …