7R trip to SkillZONE (PSHE)

Posted by RT - Wednesday 2 October 2019

7R were the first of the Year 7 forms to visit SkillZONE this academic year, with the rest due to go over the next couple of months. They found the workshops on railway safety, the magistrates court, park safety, internet safety, bus safety and the steps to wellbeing interesting and engaging. Here is what a few of 7R thought about the trip...

"We learnt about house dangers, trains (electric wires), safe bus rides (eg, if someone is bothering you, you can sit near the bus driver), park safety, car and road safety and mindfulness. It was a great experience and I would love to go again."

"SkillZONE was a fun activity...in the beginning we did a quiz and at the end we did the same quiz to see what we learned. Overall, it was really fun. My favourite part was the course as we chose what was the worst crime and we sat in the places and did the roles of everyone who would be in the court."

"At SkillZONE we learnt interesting facts about safety and mental wellbeing. One of the most interesting things was when we learnt that Thomas Cook went bankrupt and they scammed people to get more money."

"I learnt a lot about safety and what to do in different scenarios. One of the most interesting scenarios was that if there is a fire it takes the fire 6 minutes to burn a room."

"I learnt that the bobbles on the pavement by the crossings are for blind people and that the little spinners on the bottom of the traffic lights are for the partially sighted too. I found it interesting as I didn't know how unsafe the things I do are."

"I learnt that a train weighs over 400 tonnes and takes on average, 30 football pitches to stop."

"I enjoyed the mental health room because it was a nice break from how serious everything else was."