A Strong Set of GCSE Results for STRS

Posted by DD - Thursday 23 August 2018

Year 11 pupils have been collecting their GCSE results this morning and most pupils have been able to celebrate an impressive set of GCSE grades.

This year, pupils have sat reformed GCSEs in most subjects for the first time (English and Mathematics reformed qualifications were also sat last year). These new GCSEs, as well as having more demanding content, award the new 9 to 1 GCSE grades. A few subjects still awarded the A*-G grades for the last time this year.

Of the 119 students in Year 11, 96 students gained five or more GCSEs at the top grades (9 to 7 or A/A*), while 34 students achieved the impressive feat of ten or more GCSEs at these grades. 90% of students obtained good passes (grade 5 or above) in GCSE English and Mathematics. On average, students gained 10 GCSE passes at grade 4/C or above. The average GCSE grade was a 7 (equivalent to grade A). The majority of Year 11 pupils will continue into the school's Sixth Form to study A Levels.

The Headmaster would like to commend the efforts of both staff and pupils in achieving these strong results.