Athletics News

Athletics News

On the 7th June I was off to the Diamond league in the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. I got up and went to the Prince of Wales stadium, in Cheltenham where we got on the coach which drove us up to Birmingham. We got off and took in the atmosphere.

We waited for 2 hours for the athletes' area to open in which we collected our athlete's wristbands and watched as people gradually filled the stadium.

We then entered the athlete's area. It was amazing, we were warming up next to the likes of Greg Rutherford and Sifan Hassan.

We did all of our warm ups and were ready to go, we just had the nervous wait for our team to be called. Our team got called and we walked out onto the track. My heart nearly stopped, the main stand was sold out and the back straight stand had tonnes of people in it, we had a massive crowd to run with. We waited on the side of the track to watch the girls do their relay. The girls' race was over in a blink of an eye and it was our turn.

Crunch time

I stepped out into lane 4 and looked around, it is amazing to think that world class athletes like Usain Bolt have ran in that same lane.


The gun went, we had a fairly quick start but the other teams were lightning quick, the first changeover was smooth and my team-mate was flying towards me, this was my time to shine.


I heard the call and set off at a full sprint, I heard the Hand! Call and I shot my hand back ­­­­­keeping it as still as can be, I felt the smooth metal baton in my hand, I grabbed it and as the adrenalin took me I ran quicker than ever before. I flew around the bend, getting every last drop of speed out of myself, I was on our last leg runner in no time, I shouted the Go! Command and he set off, I called Hand! And I placed the baton at full speed into his hand and set him off.

I watched as he brought us home for a 6th place finish. This was no surprise as we were running against the best clubs in the country.

The competing clubs were:

  1. Cheltenham and County Harriers
  2. Birchfield Harriers
  3. Halesowen
  4. Marshall Milton Keynes
  5. Rugby and Northampton Athletics Club
  6. Wolverhampton and Bliston

We returned to the stadium and watched an amazing display of athletics but remembering a greater experience.

G. PALMER (7B) - Thursday 25 June 2015