Blue Coat Best Book Award 2016

Blue Coat Best Book Award 2016

After weeks of reading the 10 shortlisted books for this year and posting reviews on SharePoint, our Year 8 Team members were ready to promote their favourites from the selection to their peer group. It was a whistle stop tour through the books and we didn't get through all of them to every group, unfortunately. Voting was done online, and for 2016, STRS's choice was Rick Riordan's new Magnus Chase series opener, The Sword of Summer!

Students who reserved books from the list had them to take home for the holidays - several still await collection, so please collect them in the new term.

Thanks to all who made this possible, especially Miss Sadler, who organised so much from the English Department and Mr Hopton, who arranged the online voting.

The voting tally was as follows:

Rick Riordan: The Sword Of Summer


Sally Gardner: Tinder


Kerr Thomson: The Sound Of Whales


Tim Bowler: Game Changer


Patrick Ness: The Rest Of Us Just Live Here


Joanna Nadin: Joe All Alone


Alexia Casale: House Of Windows


CJ Daugherty and Carina Rozenfeld: The Secret Fire


Philip Kerr: The Winter Horses


Marcus Sedgwick: She Is Not Invisible 3
CAC - Thursday 28 July 2016