Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition

Seventy-three students and fifteen staff took part in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice expedition this weekend. The weather forecast had been horrendous, at one point forecasting snow for Saturday afternoon. In the end we were, once again, remarkably lucky: very cold on the Saturday but dry and mostly sunny. We did get the forecasted early morning rain but it did stop and the sun came out- so okay we have 17 wet tents but they were going to be wet anyway.

In the main students navigation was fair to good and, most importantly, where errors were made, lessons were learnt. This is the most important aspect of this expedition, and indeed the Assessed Expedition that students will undertake later this term.

We can confidentially report that people of all ages can learn from these weekends. I would not disclose the name of those older participants this weekend who managed to run out of diesel whilst giving up their time to man check points on the Sunday as well as many other valuable contributions.

Their embarrassment can be as nothing to the member of staff who left their map behind and managed to blag their way through the weekend. Would you believe that this same member of staff several years ago attempted, from the best possible motives, to repair an electronic fence by picking up and trying to join the two ends. Unbelievably a teacher of Electronics.

Taking risks and making mistakes – as long as we learn from them – is the best learning tool.

Having to overcome problems, deal with difficult people or frustrations and working as a team are such vital skills that it is no surprise that the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme is held in such high esteem by business and Universities.

From our view it is fantastic to see so many students take up this opportunity and from so many backgrounds and interests.

Well done to all students this weekend, thank-you to the many staff but also many thanks to the invaluable practical and emotional support from parents.

SLJ - Thursday 28 April 2016