Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Presentation Evening

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Presentation Evening

Last Tuesday evening saw the culmination of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award for thirteen teams with their presentations of their Expeditions Aims.

Fifty-eight of the seventy students taking part were also able to be awarded their certificate and badge having successfully completed all sections of the award.

Many thanks to the two Assessors, Mr Morgan and Mr James for their hard work, patience and detailed Assessor reports. Many thanks also to our Verifier, Mr Dempsey who has the unenviable task of trawling through all the details and Assessor reports for all the activities the students undertake and checking that they do meet the standards and criteria required for the award.

Thanks are also due to the many staff and sixth formers who have helped out on the Expeditions and to the many staff behind the scenes who offer their services as Assessors to a great many of the other activities.

Well done to all those students taking part and to those receiving their certificates. We look forward to the rest of the participants from this cohort achieving and receiving their certificates during the rest of this term

SLJ - Tuesday 26 September 2017