Business Essay Competition Success For Mimi

Posted by SJV - Friday 19 June 2020

We’re pleased to announce that Year 12 Business Studies student Mimi Sedgeley has been placed in the top 11 entries for a national essay competition run by Young Enterprise and Telos Partners. Mimi says:

“For the competition, we had to write an essay between 500 and 2000 words about characteristics that are required for sustainable leadership, with Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg as examples. It was judged based on four criteria: thoughtfulness; clarity of expression; creativity; and creating interest and enthusiasm in the reader. I took a less generic approach with my essay, titled ‘Designed By A Different Perspective’, and instead of listing common characteristics, I wrote about how any type of success has got to come from an underlying passion for what a person is doing.”

Business and Economics teachers Miss Jauncey and Mrs Banks are both incredibly proud of Mimi’s success.

“To be placed in the top eleven entries nationally is a real achievement,” says Mrs Banks, “especially as there were a larger number of entries in comparison to previous years, meaning the competition was quite intense! Mimi approached this essay from an interesting and thoughtful perspective, outlining that a successful and sustainable leader simply stems from a love of the job that they are doing, as opposed to the more ‘typical’ characteristics that tend to be discussed such as ‘determination’ and being ‘visionary’.”

Miss Jauncey says: “We are so proud of how Mimi and so many other Year 12 students are embracing new academic opportunities, despite the current challenging circumstances that we find ourselves in. Many students are exploring new ways to broaden their depth and understanding of Business and Economics by taking part in essay competitions and completing online courses and webinars on topic areas that interest them, alongside their current A Level studies. They are a real credit to the Sixth Form here at Sir Thomas Rich’s school.”