Chelsea's Choice Theatre Workshop for Year 8 PSHE

Chelsea's Choice Theatre Workshop for Year 8 PSHE

This is the fourth successive year that we have been able to take advantage of the Gloucestershire County’s Safeguarding Boards funding of this theatre workshop as part of our Year 8 PSHE programme. The play, delivered by Alter Ego Theatre Workshop, enacts the true story of Chelsea, a fifteen year old girl who, through her vulnerability, is groomed and sexually abused.

Whilst the play focusses on a teenage girl, the subsequent Q&A session encourages students to understand that boys too can be vulnerable and that, sadly, it can happen to anyone.

The story is told through a GCSE Drama production. As the story unfolds, between the acting of the scenes, the “students” discuss the issues with their Drama tecaher. The message is hard hitting whilst the pace and acting engaging and entertaining.

Feedback from the students has once again been very positive:

“It was really informative. It showed us the stages of grooming and how to be aware”. “It showed us the dangers of sexual exploitation and how to stay safe from people like Gary”. “It was a very honest play”. “We liked how it was based on a true story”. “Good acting and sound effects”. “Good way of teaching”

We hope this will provide a useful opportunity for parents and tutors to engage in further discussion about these issues of internet safety, grooming and child sexual exploitation. By encouraging open discussion we will hopefully help to keep our young people safe from these dangers.

If you would like any further details about these matters or have any concerns you wish to discuss please contact me on

SLJ - Monday 7 December 2015