Crimestoppers Fearless Talk on Knife Crime to Year 7 (PSHE)

Posted by RT - Friday 4 October 2019

7R and 7S found their workshops on knife crime very interesting and informative. These are a few of their reflections following the workshop...

"When the Fearless representative came in to talk to us about knife crime, I learnt that lots of teenagers have been tempted to carry a knife. I also thought it was interesting that the man who came in to talk to us had actually been a victim of knife crime."

"I learnt that there is a lot of knife crime in the UK and that people who carry knives are more likely to be stabbed than people who do not carry them."

"I learnt what to do in a situation when someone asks for something and pulls out a weapon on you. I found it interesting how he had worked with criminals."

"I learnt that it is actually not safe to carry a knife and the video with choices was cool."

"I learnt that it is more likely for people to get stabbed with their own knife."

"I learnt that not everyone who commits knife crime originally means to which was interesting as I thought that they all wanted to go out and stab someone."

"The thing I found interesting was the video when we could decide what the man would do with the knife."

We are excited to welcome back Fearless to come talk to 7B, 7T and 7C later this term!