Duke of Edinburgh Gold  and  Silver Navigation Days

Duke of Edinburgh Gold and Silver Navigation Days

This half term the regular navigation training took place for our Gold and Silver teams. Because of the numbers this year we had to run this over two days.

We decided this year to return to the location we first tried in 2013; the featureless moorland of Llangynidr. Whilst this is not as interesting or as strenuous as Pen Carrig Calc, its bleak lack of features, apart from numerous sink holes, does demand that the students use their navigation training and instruments effectively.

On both days groups met up at the Chartist caves for lunch and many students investigated the caves and the history of the Chartists riots. History claims they used the caves to hide weapons for a march on Newport. This is contradicted by the fact that most Chartists were Quakers and therefore pacifist. It also doesn't make sense to anyone who has been to Newport that they would want to lay claim to it!

Some valuable lessons on navigation were learnt on these days, not least an experienced scout suddenly announcing that he had finally “got" the use of compass bearings.

It has to be admitted that those students “led" by Mrs James probably learnt the most important lesson – to trust their own judgement.

Importantly, this was the first opportunity for the groups to learn to work together in the field and to come together as a team. This is probably the single most useful and important skill/lesson that the Expedition teaches.

Gold and Silver teams will be undertaking their Practice Expedition this summer in Exmoor. Their Assessed Expedition will take place on the last weekend of September. Fingers crossed for the fantastic Indian summer we experienced 2 years ago

Finally Mr & Mrs James are undertaking a Diamond Challenge as part of the 60th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. If you would like to sponsor us please go to:


SLJ - Thursday 9 June 2016