Former Student and Election Candidate Give Politics Seminar

Posted by SJV - Wednesday 16 December 2020

This week our two A Level politics sets were treated to a seminar led by David Chadwick, Liberal Democrat Candidate for North Dorset in 2019. David hopes to stand as a candidate once again in the next General Election. Here’s what Year 12 students Samuel Kane and Guy Cornish had to say about David’s visit:

“As an old Richian, and former pupil of Politics teachers, Nigel Pitel and Peter Daniell, David’s theme was political campaigning at constituency level. The class thoroughly enjoyed the experience and his seminar covered a variety of topics ranging from specific campaign tactics, the incumbency effect, the importance of the local campaign, with an emphasis on how to increase local participation.

“David provided a vivid description of the entire process of campaigning, which brought clarity and understanding for students as to what happens leading up to the election, giving further relatable examples. The effective balance of statistics and the use of anecdotes helped to explain key political ideas and he gave us the opportunity to split into groups to discuss and apply his ideas to our own individual constituencies. Overall, a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable experience! Out thanks to David for taking the time to speak to us.”