Founder's Week

Posted by SJV - Wednesday 29 January 2020

Founder's Week is well underway at Sir Thomas Rich's; today's events included a very popular smoothie bar and raffle in the main hall, a penalty shoot-out in the sports hall and gaming in Q7. This week is also Free Dress Week, plus we have Fancy Dress Day the next two Fridays and many more fund-raising activities planned, from Nerf shooting galleries to Baz's Barber Shop! Founder's Week is all about raising money for our link school, PMM Girls' School in Uganda. We sponsor the education of 20 students at the school, which costs about £200 per pupil per year. A relatively small sum for us, but representing a considerable amount of money to many Ugandans, and we aim to raise just £4.50 per Rich's student to entirely cover our sponsorship of PMM. All donations are of course voluntary, well done to everyone organising events and taking part this week and next.