From the Headmaster - December 2014

From the Headmaster - December 2014

I am sure that, as parents, you are well aware that Rich's aims to provide an environment conducive to learning and all-round development both in and out of the classroom. We seek to challenge each young person to achieve all that he or she can, through academic study, sporting endeavours and creativity, so that the self-confidence they will require in the future is founded on their achievements here. And whilst there is so much which has to be shoe-horned into the final few weeks of an undeniably lengthy term, when we are all tired, I am still enormously proud of the fact that there is so much going on in the final few weeks. Seeing the performance of 'A Christmas Carol' last night and the way in which our pupils worked together so responsibly reminded me of the importance of these events that are at the heart of our School community. If you didn't see the production last night, there is another opportunity to do so this evening or tomorrow. All those involved, whether performer, back stage crew or directing staff, are to be congratulated for their hard work.

I would like to thank all the parents who have supported their child's involvement in the production, whether it is through providing costumes, helping with the learning of lines or collecting them from school at odd times. The Parents Association is as active as ever and last night served a variety of snacks and soft drinks as well as tea and coffee to boost their funds. On top of their pledge of £25 000 towards the pavilion project, you will be aware that they are holding a ball on 7 February. Do come if you are able. Tickets are available from reception.The contribution made to the School by the PA as a whole and by each individual is incomparable to anywhere else in my experience.

The presence of so many spectators at Saturday morning and afternoon rugby fixtures is also testament to the supportive ethos of parents, which is so important to our success. I know it can be hard for students to juggle academic demands and the pressure of sporting fixtures and other activities and I have been impressed with the high level of maturity and organisation that members of the School, in particular the Sixth Form, have shown in recent weeks.

Observers will have noted that work on the new changing rooms and pavilion has begun. I am grateful to those families that have given generously to support the project. The Biathlon has raised over £2000, with some more sponsorship still to come in. This has exceeded our expectations and I am confident that we will reach our target of constructing at least the shell of the building this year.

It is always a privilege to meet up with former students and, on this note, it is always good to see Old Richians at the Carol Services so, if you know of any who are in Gloucester next week, please extend my invitation to St Catharine's on Monday and Holy Trinity, Longlevens on Thursday.All are welcome.

Many thanks to those of you that have returned the parents' questionnaire – if you are able to do and haven't yet, I would be grateful if you could return them by the end of term as we are keen to send off responses to Kirkland Rowell. Every completed questionnaire is vital so that we can improve the things that are important to you and your son or daughter.

I know we are not quite there yet, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you all the very best for the break and festivities.

M SR Morgan

Matthew Morgan,

MM - Friday 12 December 2014