From the Headmaster - December 2017

From the Headmaster - December 2017

My whole school assembly yesterday centred on the Christian story of Christmas that reveals that however much we plan and try to stay in charge, in the complete mess of the first Christmas, God says “Don't worry – I'm not going to wait until you've got everything sorted out perfectly before I get involved with you," For Christians, Jesus being born in a humble stable shows that God is there in the middle of it all. I said to pupils that whether you have a Christian faith, faith in another religion or you do not know quite what you believe, I hope you will agree that we are all better when we allow others to help us and that even when things are not perfect, we should still recognize the good that is there.

Sometimes things are a bit of a mess; plans are made but they don't work out. Exam and test results maybe don't go quite as well as they should, we don't do ourselves justice on the rugby field or our singing is a little out of tune or we have made choices – deliberate acts that have hurt others and we are diminished individually and collectively by our actions. But then more than ever, we should turn to each other to be open and available, affirming of others, not feeling threatened that others are able and good, but knowing that we belong to a greater whole.

I was reminded just how good our greater whole was on Thursday last week at the School's Carol Service. It was a real highlight of the term and I was delighted to receive an independent review describing the singing of the choir as achingly beautiful. This is only achieved through hard work from pupils and from staff and I thanked the teachers and support staff yesterday on behalf of the students for all they do. In particular, we thanked Robbie McLaughlin and Linda Herron who are leaving us this term. We wish them all the very best as they embark upon new ventures.

With all my very Best wishes to you for the festivities and a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year.

M SR Morgan

Matthew Morgan,

MM - Thursday 21 December 2017