Goettingen Exchange 2017

Goettingen Exchange 2017

On Monday evening, 23 Y10 boys returned from their exchange experience in Göttingen – Germany. “We had a great time", “I am so glad I went!" and “I will be back soon" were just some of the comments I heard on our return journey.

Staying with German families, the boys were able to experience German food, living and culture first hand. They particularly enjoyed the trip to Berlin, where they saw some of the places made famous by recent Germany history. But equally appreciated were trips to some perhaps lesser known locations, including Eisenach, where the composer Johann Sebastian Bach and the founder of the protestant church Martin Luther lived.

At the weekend the boys spent time with their families and friends, indulging in all sorts of activities, ranging from going swimming, to watching a first league basketball game, to travelling all the way to Wolfsburg to see the “VW – Autostadt" (car city).

I was extremely pleased with the outstanding behaviour shown by the Y10 group and with the way they really took advantage of opportunities to use German all the time when communicating with family members, with staff in shops and, of course, with their exchange partners. The many compliments that I received about our pupils from the German staff and host families alike, were testimony to the success of the exchange.

Having experienced once more the huge excitement and satisfaction that pupils and parents derived from the event, which passes down the “generations" at the schooI, I am not surprised that next year will see the 40th anniversary of the Göttingen-Germany exchange. An occasion to celebrate!

BTR - Wednesday 8 March 2017