Huge success in recent national mathematics competitions

Posted by NJS - Wednesday 3 July 2019

Over the last number of months many of our students in both Year 7 and Year 8 have participated in various Maths competitions, run by the United Kingdom Maths Trust.

At the end of April over 270 boys participated in the Junior Maths Challenge. 185 achieved certificates for their performance with 40 people qualifying for the Junior Maths Kangaroo follow on round, and 2 qualifying for the Junior Maths Olympiad.

In the Kangaroo competition 5 of our students achieved Merit awards for their performance, ranking them in the top 1% of the entrants of the Challenge. Congratulations to Joseph Merrin (7S), Luke Murphy (8T), Thomas Cox (8S), Oliver Dyer (8R) and Scott Howley (8R).

To qualify for the Junior Maths Olympiad pupils had to achieve in the top 1100 of the Challenge round. This is in the top 0.6% of entrants. Congratulations to both Ed Hart (7T) and Matthias Wildman (8R). This round involves 10 challenging short questions and then 6 longer questions. Matthias performed well getting nearly all of the shorter questions correct. Ed did exceptionally well, scoring 10/10 in the first section and then 39/50 in the second section. This resulted in him being awarded a distinction and a medal for his achieved. He has been placed approximately 120th in the United Kingdom. We are very proud of Matthias and Ed.