In the final week of their Rainbow Journals in their PSHE lessons, Y7-10 pupils focused on resilience, emotional well-being and the future

Posted by RT - Wednesday 22 July 2020

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 pupils have been completing a Rainbow Journal over the last 6 weeks in their PSHE lessons. In the final week of their Rainbow Journals they were asked to design a superhero or computer game character who is able to deal with different emotions or worries that might be as a result of this pandemic. They could have superpowers or can be a person with specific skills. This was to help pupils to reflect positively on their experiences of the pandemic and to see how they have changed in a positive light. Pupils reflected upon their experiences, what they have realised about themselves and how resilient they can be, and how they can apply this in the future.

Pupils also completed surveys before their Rainbow Journal journey and after they had completed it. This was so they could reflect upon the progress they have made with their understanding of emotional wellbeing, resilience, their responses to change and what they have learnt during the pandemic. 

Thank you Alexander for sharing your superhero design with us! 

And thank you to all of the pupils who completed their Rainbow Journals, we hope that you found the activities and process helpful and supportive.

Pupils were also asked in their PSHE remote learning to think about their plans for the summer, how they will be a bit different from their usual summer activities and how they could try to achieve the 5 Steps to Wellbeing during their summer holidays. 

These are Steve's ideas, thank you Steve! These are great examples of activities which look after your physical and mental well-being, and help build your resilience too!

- Get better at basketball

- Go to the beach

- Get outside more

- Learn how to do a backflip