Intermediate Maths success

Posted by NJS - Thursday 5 March 2020

The Intermediate Maths Challenge is a national competition for students in Year 11 and below. It tests their key mathematical understanding and applies it to abstract questions. This year approximately 220,000 students entered where the average was 56 out of 135.

We entered 30 of our Year 10 students as well as 1 student from Year 8. Given the difficulty level they all performed superbly with nearly all achieving above the national average.

We were pleased to see that 7 of the boys in Year 10 gained Gold Awards. This places them in the top 2% of students in their Year group who entered the competition. They proceed onto the next round, which is called the Pink Kangaroo.

Special mention goes to Ed Hart in Year 8. He achieved 135 out of 135. Given that he could compete for the next 3 years this is a remarkable result. We are extremely proud of him. As a result of his success he will compete in the Cayley Olympiad against the top 500 students from Year 9 and below.

We look forward to seeing how well all 8 students perform later this month in their respective competitions.

You can see the paper they completed by clicking here.