James Chantler Triathlon

James Chantler Triathlon

James Chantler, a year 11 pupil, has recently competed in the British triathlon national youth series (for those in years 10 and 11 at school). There are 6 different events throughout the country, from April to September. His results:

  • 4th at the Liverpool Triathlon 26th July, held at the Liverpool Docks
  • 3rd at the London Triathlon 8th August, held at the London docks
  • 4th at the Under 20s festival 26th September, held at Mallory Park.

This gave him an overall placing of 5th in the series. He still has another year to go in that age group, so will be hoping for a top 3 finish next year.

Well done James.

N PITEL - Wednesday 9 September 2015