Junior Maths success

Junior Maths success

Following success in the Junior Maths Challenge in April, nine Tommies boys (5 from Year 8 and 4 from Year 7) qualified for the follow on competition, the Junior Maths Kangaroo.

Facing very challenging, thought provoking questions they all performed well. Three boys, Robert Nixon, Alex Parvanov and Will Fitchsampson gained more that 100 marks out of a total of 135. Given that the average mark was 84, this is exceptional, so congratulations to them.

Try this question for yourself:

The lengths of three adjacent sides of a quadrilateral are equal. The angle between the first and second of these is 60 degrees and the angle between the second and third of these sides is 100 degrees. What is the largest angle of the quadrilateral?

NJS - Thursday 14 July 2016