Kingsholm Pupils Experience Art at STRS

Posted by SJV - Tuesday 22 March 2022

Year 5 pupils from Kingsholm Primary School enjoyed a workshop at Sir Thomas Rich’s with Head of Art Mr O’Neill recently. We picked up the 13 students and their teacher and TA in one of our minibuses and brought them to the School for a two-hour session focusing on printmaking, and as you can see from the smiles, everybody had a great time exploring mark making and trying out printing techniques.

Kingsholm Primary has been focusing on art in the curriculum this term, and we were really pleased we could help out by offering the use of our specialist Art classroom and the chance to work with Mr O’Neill.

Mr O’Neill then made a follow up visit to Kingsholm a few days later to work with Year 2 and Year 5 pupils on their art projects. Mr O’Neill said: “It was fantastic to welcome the Year 5 pupils into the School for a workshop, and I was really impressed with their enthusiasm and creativity! I very much enjoyed visiting pupils at Kingsholm as well, the level of commitment and passion for Art as part of the Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum from the staff was evident.”