Lockdown Science Experiments

Posted by SJV - Tuesday 2 June 2020

Our resourceful Year 7 Science students have been busy during lockdown - not just with the regular paper and pen or, more accurately, mouse and keyboard exercises - but also making and conducting science experiments at home. In one topic, Separating Mixtures, students have been carrying out filtration and distillation. As you can see, the substance being filtered in this case was tea leaves. Water from a kettle was distilled, the law of the land prohibiting the distilling of anything stronger…

In a second topic, Forces, students have been making and testing out their own Newton-meters to measure forces. Rather than our usual, elegant spring-in-plastic case devices, which we rely on in the lab, they had to make do with rubber bands and rulers.

Here are the instruments being made and tested, being used to weigh things, and lastly, no science experiment is complete without the results! Many thanks to those parents who enabled these experiments to happen.

Mr Buttle