Lord Tyler Visit

Lord Tyler Visit

Lord Tyler visited Sir Thomas Rich's School to meet with sixth form students of Politics and the Year 11 Academic Excellence group to discuss life working in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The former MP addressed students to discuss his views on current matters of national concern, such as the refugee crisis, EU referendum and further constitutional reform. He invited questions from the students and debated topics such as the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the rise of the SNP and lowering the voting age. Lord Tyler told stories relating to his time in the House of Commons, explaining in detail the reality of the whipping system and party divides.

Student Euan Archer of 13H said 'it was a privilege to meet such an experienced and affable member of Westminster. I was reassured to learn that despite there being only one member of the House of Lords under the age of 40, there are many people like Lord Tyler representing the views of young people like me'.

Students of Government and Politics will be able to use information gleaned from this visit in their British Government Parliament examination.

A HARRIS - Friday 9 October 2015