MFL Students on Work Experience

MFL Students on Work Experience

Over the last two weeks, our sixth form MFL students have spent time in France, Spain and Germany completing a Work Experience placement. This was the ideal opportunity to practise their language skills and experience first hand the life and culture in the country of their chosen language.

The students chose work placements from an extensive list covering a wide range of areas and interest. These ranged from working in a restaurant to working in shops, hotels, fitness centres, nursery schools and local businesses. I am proud to say that this is the ninth successful year of the programme, which is organised externally by Halsbury Travel. Previously only offered to students of German, the experience has now been successfully extended to both French and Spanish students.

The trip was a rewarding and invaluable experience for all three groups. As well as gaining experience of working in another country, students enjoyed the taste of independence it afforded and the opportunity to practise their language skills in a real-life working environment.

All students benefitted socially as they gained the confidence to meet and interact with new people and make new friends in an environment very much out of their usual comfort zone. It was no doubt an unforgettable experience from which they have also gained valuable skills as young adults. The students have returned full of enthusiasm, confidence and energy and are keen to demonstrate their newly enhanced linguistic skills in the classroom.

JKH - Wednesday 28 February 2018