MenTALK workshops with Cheltenham Town FC in Year 9 PSHE lessons

Posted by RT - Wednesday 26 February 2020

"MENtalk is a programme designed to support young men’s emotional health and wellbeing. Positive mental wellbeing and emotional resilience have been shown to improve young men’s educational achievement and quality of life...MENTalk uses the medium of football to open up discussion and create an environment in which men feel comfortable." (further information found at their website)

Our Year 9 pupils are going to be benefitting from three workshops with Cheltenham Town FC. Each session lasts one double period covering sexual health topics and mental well-being. The session will be split with half the session being a classroom-based activity and half being football or physical activity. 

Our Year 9 pupils will be covering the following topics in their workshops with CTFC, as part of their PSHE provision during PSHE lessons throughout the rest of this academic year...

Workshop 1: (Monday 16th March- all of Year 9)

Mental Health Awareness 
What is Mental Health? Mental Health awareness and understanding; the different types, how it can affect anybody, the lingo and the stigmas that come with it, the causes and triggers and the support, coping mechanics and strategies.

Positive Mental Attitude How having a positive mental attitude can improve your general outlook and in specific situations.  Also how self-confidence can aid performance and understanding we all have good and bad qualities. 

Workshop 2: (Monday 23rd March 9R, Monday 11th May 9B, Monday 22nd June 9T and 9S)

Testicular Self – Examination

                  The student will understand how to check for Testicular Cancer, the awareness and importance of checking, as well as the coping mechanics and the support networks ‘where to go’ and ‘what to do’.

                  Workshop 3: (Monday 30th March 9R, Monday 18th May 9B, Monday 29th June 9S and 9T)

                  Safe Sex, STI’s and Porn
                  The students will understand the importance of safe sex and how to protect themselves and know the correct practices of safe sex. Gain an understanding of STI types and their consequences.  Gaining a greater awareness of what pressures can come from sexual activity and relationship. The impact of pornography and the adverse effects this can have physically as well as emotionally. Understanding of slang, the lingo and the stigmas that come with it and how it is used compared to the correct names of terms and functions, as well as dispelling ‘myths’ surrounding these topics.