Onatti French Play Mon Père Ne Me Comprend Pas

Posted by JKH - Saturday 7 May 2022

Yesterday we were delighted to welcome back the Onatti Company for the second of the Modern Foreign Language Plays this year. The group performed the play ‘Mon Père Ne Me Comprend Pas’ in front of a very appreciative and enthusiastic audience.

The story tells the story of Hélène who doesn't get what she wants for her birthday so wishes for better presents, a cooler family, in fact better everything! When her wishes start to come true she regrets her wishes and misses normality. She is also planning on going to a restaurant with two of her friends. But her friends have fallen out over a boy and she is the mediator. Not the birthday she had in mind when she woke up!

This was yet another excellent play by the Onatti company which was entertaining from start to finish. Afterwards there was the opportunity for a Q & A session and the actors commented at how impressed they were with the engagement of the pupils and the maturity of questions asked.